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Re: KLINGENSTEIN Family & Judenmatrikel Miltenberg
(Inquiry >from Jeanette R Rosenberg <>
Brian Stern replies:

I am also a Kleinheubach researcher. The Kleinheubach Jewish records are
held by the Bavarian State Archives in Wuerzburg. Undoubtedly the records
of nearby towns are also held there. You can find their web page here:

You can contact them by email with your query here:
They will do research for a fee.

The MANNHEIMER family was in Kleinheubach >from the 18th century although
the name was not present there in the 1930's. Contact me privately and I
can give you more info about them >from the book "Die Geschichte der
juedischen Gemeinde zu Kleinheubach" Also to be found at LBI. I purchased
it >from the rathouse.

Brian Stern Lexington, KY <>

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