Re: "GRMY PRWR" + "RSA PRWR" on 1910 Census Miracode index cards #germany


Michael Wendel wrote:

The end result, as researched by a Librarian/Researcher for the Great Falls
Genealogical Society, is that it most likely "has no valuable meaning
for genealogists".
While the librarian-researcher's information was correct, I disagree with the
conclusion. The notations "GRMY PRWR" and "RSA PRWR" on 1910 Census Miracode
index cards were added during indexing and are not information >from the
orginal census schedules. They are, however, valuable as a clear warning to users
that the nativity information was based on pre-war (pre-World War I) boundaries,
and could well apply to birth in Poland as it existed either between World
Wars, or in 1962, when the index was compiled by the Age-Search unit of the
Census Bureau.

Donn Devine Wilmington DE USA

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