Castle Garden immigration records and history #germany

Christopher Massur <cmassur@...>

Last week someone brought this web-site to my attention:

it contains the early arrivals to New York >from the 1830's until the Ellis
Island data base takes over. Good luck

Christopher Massur, CuraƧao

MOD NOTE: Castle Garden was used as an entry point for immigrants for some time
prior to the opening of the Ellis Island facility. The structure had been a
fort defending the New York colony. The cannons sheltered within its massive
walls gave that part of Manhattan its name, "The Battery". (Also Battery Park
and Battery Park City. The fort was originally on an island south of the colony
but was later connected to Manhattan's mainland by landfill.

In addition to being an immigration station and a fortress, it housed
an aquarium and, I believe, now serves as a museum. According to Robert Caro's
biography of New York's "Master Builder", Robert Moses, Moses attempted to have
the structure destroyed as revenge against historic preservation advocates who
blocked a proposed Moses building plan.

When you come to NYC for the 2006 IAJGS Conference,
stop by Castle Garden in Battery Park on your way to
the nearyby Museum of the Jewish Heritage, Ellis Island,
and the Statue of Liberty. John Paul Lowens - GerSIG MOD1

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