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Lars E. Menk <Lmenk@...>

Patrick Joseph Fish wrote on GerSig:

My primary research goals now are to find out: exact birth and emigration
information on Babetta >from Germany. I believe she emigrated to Canada via USA
in 1861 or 1862 to marry Moses SILVERFRIEND. Babetta's sister (Mrs. David
HAMMEL)of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was the match maker.

Lars Menk replies:

David HAMMEL of Hamilton was born on 26 Nov 1838 in Gemuenden im Hunsrueck,
Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, son of the butcher and cattle dealer Loeb
HAMMEL (Gemuenden, 24 Apr 1803 - 09 Feb 1857, Gemuenden) and his wife
Friederica GAMIEL (Argenschwang near Bad Kreuznach, ca. 1798 - 1884, New
London, WI). He emigrated to the USA in ca. 1851/52 and was living in
Syracuse, NY (1851-53), in Ithaca, NY (1853/54), in Hamilton, Ontario
(1857-66), in Appleton, WI (1866-1907), in Austin, Minnesota (1907-20), in
Chicago, IL (1920-28). >from 1900 to 1906, he was the mayor of Appleton. He
died in Chicago on 13 Oct 1928. On 21 Jan 1861, he was married to Helena
VOGEL, b. 24 Jun 1840 in Hennweiler near Kirn in the Hunsrueck.

Most of the information concerning the emigration of Jewish families from
Gemuenden to the territory of the Great Lakes (Appleton; Milwaukee;
Syracuse) in the mid-19th century stems >from John Henry RICHTER z"l.

A VOGEL family was living in Hennweiler in 1824. - It is possible that
Helena VOGEL's father was born in nearby Gemuenden, one of the sons of the
musician Isaac Aaron VOGEL (b. 31 Oct 1791; 1808 -63 living in Gemuenden)
and his wife Etel "Elisabeth" Mauses. (There is no trace in Gemuenden of
their sons Jacob VOGEL, b. 24 Mar 1817; Michel VOGEL, b. 13 Jul 1819; Marcus
VOGEL, b. 04 Mar 1821, Ludwig VOGEL, b. 28 Oct 1822.)

The SILVERFRIEND - SILBERFREUND family might have come >from Kraków, Galicia
(today in Poland).

Good luck with the further research.

Kind regards & Shalom,

Lars Menk Berlin, Germany

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