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Jane Vogel-Kohai & Ofer Kohai <vogelko@...>

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Although I conducted my research at LBI before the conglomeration with
YIVO and the JHS, and at the previous premises, I had incredible
success. I must point out that I had a whole lot more luck than anything
else. My grandfather, who was interested in genealogy and had made
rather extensive notes, was involved with the LBI and at his death, his
papers were left to the LBI. I had the good fortune, while here in
Israel, to find that his papers were there, through one of Avotaynu's
reference books (can't recall the name now). A few months later, I was
in NY, showed up at LBI, and asked for the material. Staff (a woman by
the name of Leigh) was extremely helpful and friendly, and provided me
with a photocopy of all the material. Since it was a lot, and I was
about to return to Israel, they sent it to me. It was incredible seeing
my grandfather's handwritten notes! I also found his photograph hanging
on one of the walls, together with some of the other officers of LBI.
Last year, I was again there,** but then I was looking for material from
the Jewish Historical Society. Best regards -

Jane Vogel-Kohai Moshav Mesillat Zion, Israel

MODERATOR NOTE: The LBI is now located at the Center for Jewish History (CJH) in
New York. Other Jewish history organizations are also located in the CJH include:

YIVO, the (NY) Jewish Genealogical Society, the American Jewish Historical Society
and others. For more information about the CJH please visit their website. MOD1

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