Re: LBI - The Charles Stanton Family Tree collection (mostly Franconia) #germany


Although I have only "title page" German (as one of my library school professors
called it), LBI is rich in English language materials! Most notable is the Charles
Stanton collection of family histories which included some of my Cincinnati
forebears. Not only was there any early version of a family tree (I have
contributed the latest version) but it included correspondence >from and to
Mr. Stanton. I had heard of an extensive tree of another branch which is also
there and it was interesting to note that my ancestor was an afterthought for
the person who did the tree! Staff is wonderful and Karen Franklin knows it all!

Paula Zieselman New York city

MODERATOR COMMENT - Many of us owe thanks to Charles Stanton for the + /- 2,000
family tree charts which he constructed by hand and shared generously with all.
Likewise to the Stanton family for donating this collection to the LBI.

It would be wonderful if these trees could be made available via the Internet but
this would be a very expensive project. MegaMillion Lottery winners who are
also GerSIG members - please keep this in mind. MOD1

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