Biography of Oscar WASSERMANN #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Today's "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (August 23, 2005) which is
published daily in Frankfurt am Main printed a review of the following title:

Barkai, Avraham: Oscar Wassermann und die Deutsche Bank. Munich:
publisher C.H. Beck, 2005. 181 pages. Euro 22,90.

>from the text the following dates are accessible:

WASSERMANN, Oscar, born 1869 as one of nine children of the banker Emil
WASSERMANN in Bamberg. A brother Max WASSERMANN is also mentioned. Oscar
became banker, too, was a leading manager of the Deutsche Bank >from 1912
until 1933 when the bank dismissed him even before it had to. He died 1934.

I have not seen the book. The review is accessible through the address
(in one line)

or through the address

and "Suche".
I also have a paper copy.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer Bielefeld, Germany

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