Care of Gravestones [in Germany] #germany

Zeev Raphael <zeevra@...>

May I please be allowed to comment on my recent posting on this issue.

It was pointed out to me that I may have given offence to some of our
German friends on this Forum. In fact, following that, I requested to
have the posting withdrawn. But somhow it appeared after all.

Let me assure you that I deeply regret it if I have offended anybody's feelings.

My remark was a subconscious reflex. Many years ago I received an invitation
to visit together with my wife, my former home town Zwickau, at the expense of the
local Municipality.
I very politely declined the generous, and no doubt well-meant offer.

With my best wishes,

Zeev Raphael, Haifa e-mail:

"... my ggggf's gravestone (dating >from 1866) is tilting at such a precarious
angle that it was not possible to place a stone on it, and the German inscription
on the back can no longer be read. So, my question is should I ask the appropriate
authorities to re-set the stone in an upright position?
Justin Levy (Dublin, Ireland)
I think you might very well do that.
Personally, I would ask them to have this done at *** my own *** expense.
This, because it is you who are interested to have the stone preserved.
In addition, I personally would beware of asking a German for any monetary
favours. With my best wishes,

Zeev Raphael, Haifa e-mail:

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