German documents - translation required VIEW MATE #germany

Tamar Amit <tamar.amit@...>

Dear Fellow Researchers:
I would be very grateful if someone would take a look at the following
images of documents found amongs my Grandfather's (Siegfried Gottlieb) papers:

A reply to my grandfather >from the town of Lauterbach where he once
lived. I have no clue as to the issues discussed.

The ViewMate file is VM6854, found at the following URL:

A document probably >from a school or college according to the dates.
Some additional information: he was born 7 Nov 1913 in Grebenau. He
left Germany for Palastine in 1934. I would love to know the contents
of this document.

The ViewMate file is VM6855, found at the following URL:

I would love to have their translation although any help is appreciated.
I can provide a higher resolution images if helpful.

Kindly reply to me privately at . Thank you.

Tamar Amit, Israel. <>

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