PRINZ FAMILY FROM Bohemia and Breslau,SILESIA. #austria-czech


Two big obstabcles to successful research in Jewish Genealogy are name changes and migration. This
posting illustrates both obstacles and hopefully there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

I received so many heart-warming messages after my last posting on the Sephardic PASTOR family >from
Moravia that I was determined to send you all another thank you posting.

Sadly, I will never be able to match the output and quality of my many postings to Jewishgen and this SIG
over the past few years but I will endeavour to stay mentally active in spite of my immense physical
handicaps. "Welcome Back" messages literally flooded in >from all over the world and I am truly grateful to
belong to this loving and appreciative SIG.

How many of us are really knowledgeable about the subject of the history and sovereignty of Silesia?
After reading this wiki account I could not give you a clear lecture on the subject excep it is obvious
that Silesia was a territory which many countries over the centuries including Poland, germany, Bohemia
and the Habsburg monarchy wished to control as Silesia had great strategic importance as well as an
abundance of valuable minerals and natural resources. See

The proximity to Bohemia suggests that there was a migration of families between these territories.
Indeed I have noted movement of some familes >from Silesia to Bohemia and vice versa in previous postings.

When Tom Heinersdorff came to visit me in hospital he immediately aroused my research interest when he
told me that the Heinersdorff family were >from Silesia and that their name was originally PRINZ,
as found in Silesian archival data. That is certainly an unusual and unexpected name change.

AFTER months in hospitalI I have just come home for the weekend and was keen to confirm my hunch that
the PRINZ family may have migrated >from Bohemia to Silesia before changing their name. So I went straight
to the 1793 Jewish census of Bohemia and looked up PRINZ but drew a blank. Ithen went to volume iv - the
Hradecky kraj Kreis {Koniggratzer kreis} which is closest to Silesia and thumbed through the pages.
Eureka I was rewarded on page 278 with Philip PRINZ single, an Instrukor {SIC} of young children living in
Dobritschan and gehoeren in Schutz nach Preslau {sich} he can be found in the index under Breslau and
Wroclow] but strangely not under the family name PRINZ. Could Philip possibly be an ancestor or relative
of Tom's?

Tom Now lives Iin the UK. and his CHAT family maternal side were >from Vienna Graz Budapest and
originally Moravia, Neu RAUSSNITZ Rousinov.

We have worked together on the interesting CHATs as well and a listing of shareholders of the CHAT
companies found in the Gasometer archives in Vienna, incidentally, a useful coomercial source I had not
used before, gave us valuable clues on CHAT relationships.

Tom certainly has enought data to produce a very handsome volume on his genealogy. I think we can
safely welcome him now as a true Bohemian-Moravian member of our sig or perhaps more
broadly as an embodiment of the erstwhile and huge and powerful Habsburg Empire before Gersig claims
him as a true pukka-German Silesian member of their SIG.

Celia Male London. U.K.

ps Thanks to the dozens who have wrItten to welcome me back. In time I will try as best as I can to reply
to each of you individually. Please be patient I have missed my research and all of you terribly but your
loving suppport has helped me through very difflicult times.
I feel truly blessed that i am a member of this 1081-strong family, many of whom I have been lucky
enough to have met in person. Has not a single member joimed us since I fell? That is strange.
Is 1,081 one of those magic numbers with an as yet unexplained mystical significance associated with our
geographic area?
Even before the advent of GENI I knew we were all inked together and now I know for sure as I have the
proof in your messages.


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