INTRO - MARX and LAMM Families #germany

Linda Shefler <linsilv@...>

After many years researching my MARX and LAMM families in Cincinnati and
Cleveland, OH I finally have enough information to expand my research to
Germany. So this is my first correspondence with you.

I have no prior experience in doing research in Germany though I have been
doing genealogy off and on for the past twenty years. My only language is English.

My gg grandfather Aaron J. MARX (born 1834) arrived in the States in 1853.
He was >from Sterbfritz, Hessen and he went to Cincinnati, OH. He was 19
years old and traveling with two girls >from Sterbfritz; Gitta BERG (18 years
old) and Eloise SHUSTER (15 years old). I assume they were related but
can't say for sure. Aaron fought in the Civil War and eventually ended up
in Cleveland, OH where he became the first Jewish policeman in the city.

My gg grandmother Bertha LAMM (born 1833) was >from Darmstadt. I assume she
also arrived sometime in the 1850s. She and Aaron were married in 1856. I
don't know much at all about her family though I suspect she had two
brothers and a sister in Cincinnati by the names of Leon, Samuel and Nancy
LAMM. They had LAMM Brothers Clothiers in Cincinnati and eventually moved
to Baltimore where they opened a store with the same name.

There are several things that I would like to accomplish with my research.
I would like to trace further generations back >from my gg grandparents as
well as horizontally and learn of the family history in Germany.

I would like to learn more about Bertha LAMM and find the connection between
Bertha and Leon, Samuel and Nancy LAMM.

I would like to determine if Aaron was related to Gitta BERG and Eloise
SHUSTER and what the connection was.

There was a Feist MARX in Cleveland that I suspect was related to Aaron and
I would like to determine if there was a connection between them. Feist was
born in 1807 and immigrated to the States in 1836. Most of the records say
he was born in Hesse Darmstadt. Feist was also known as
Frederick/Fred/Ferdinand. He was a peddler. His oldest children Moses,
Edward and Amelia were born in New York; Amelia and Charles were born in Ohio.

I look forward to learning a lot >from your letters in this digest and thank
you for your time. Best wishes,

Linda Silverman Shefler Cary, NC

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