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I am looking for research assistance to locate data on my g and gg grandparents,
who lived in Ostrowo, Posen, Prussia in the first half of the 19th century.

The 2G grandparents appear to have lived and died in Ostrowo,
and six children (all male) immigrated to the US, first
appearing in Montgomery, AL in the 1860 US Census. I do not
believe they all emigrated at the same time. At least one
of the children is said to have emigrated in 1855 via
Hamburg - without any information on port of arrival in the
US. I have death certificates for 3 of the children that
indicate the parents' names and the location of Ostrowo. I
have no information if there were other children who did not emigrate.

I believe the "Ostrowo" of that period is the Ostrow
Wielkepolski of today, in Poznan province, Poland. I know
there are several other Ostrowo's that might be considered, as well.

The 2G grandfather was Israel LEWY, and the gggrandmother of
at least some of the boys was Yetta Israel LEWY. Based on
the children's ages, Israel and Yetta were probably born
about 1800. Family lore indicates that Israel married
twice, so Yetta may not be the mother of all 6.

The children who emigrated to the US were:
Mathias LEWY b 1818-1820 Ostrowo
Benjamin Morris LEWY b 1825
Henry LEWY b 1830
Benno LEWY b 1842 (my ggrandfather)
Isidor LEWY b 1844 Ostrowo
Joseph LEWY b 1849 Ostrowo

Benno was married to Bertha Markus LEWY, also >from Ostrowo,
b 1839. I do not know if Benno and Bertha were married in
Ostrowo or in Alabama - but I surmise it was in Alabama.
If anyone can advise me how to locate a researcher working
in the Poznan area who can help unravel some of these
questions, I would be very appreciative. And good luck on
your research, too!

Jeff Lewy San Francisco, CA

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