SITE CITE: Zabrze Jewish Cemetery Website #germany

Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...>

Dear Researchers

I have just visited the wonderful website for the Jewish Cemetery in Zabrze.
It is well worth a look. It has a number of beautiful photographs as well
as a listing of names of people buried there.

A history of the cemetery is also given.

Geoff Kaiser Melbourne <>

MODERATOR NOTE: The site is viewable in English, Hebrew and another language.
When you send SITE CITE messages to our list please tell us in what languages
the data can be read. If the site is specific to a town please give more
information about the town's location.

Warning: The website is indeed beautiful to look at with many animations
and other frills. But all of that takes so long to load that with a slow
browser it will take visitors 10 minutes or more to learn where Zabrze is located.
Waiting for all the fancy artwork to load I was reminded of Sargent Friday's
line >from the 50's TV series "Dragnet". "Just the facts, please, Maam." MOD 1

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