Re: Frankfurt-born Israeli economist wins the Nobel - Family notes #germany

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" the Nobel Prize in Economics -- has been awarded to Robert John Aumann, of the
Center for Rationality at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Aumann was born in
Frankfurt in 1930. Those who can comprehend his work can read about it at: "

I hope that you will allow me this little bit of nachas. [MODERATOR NOTE:
We usually don't have room for nachas in this forum but the gehealogical
information provided by Mr. Landau is well worth preserving in our archives.]

Robert John AUMANN is a half-second cousin of mine. His grandfather and my
grandfather were half-brothers.

Our common greatgrandfather, Marcus Israel LANDAU (possibly born FREDKIN)
was born 1837 in Gomel, Mogilev, Russia.

His first wife was Hannah born 1836. She died in 1871.

Their eldest son, John LANDAU, was born in 1853 in a place unknown.. In
about 1870 he migrated to South Africa.

He had a daughter, Miriam LANDAU, born in 1892 in Johnannesburg, South Africa.
They returned to England that same year.
In 1922 she went to Frankfurt to marry Siegmund AUMANN.

I have just spoken to my father who tells me that it [?] covers most of the
front page of the London Jewish Chronicle.

He recalls that when my uncle visited Jonny as we call him, his wife got
exasperated with all their mathematical talk - my uncle was also a math
lecturer. Haven't you got anything else to talk about she asked them?

Nick Landau London, UK <N.Landau@...>

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