Oppenheims Oppenheimers #germany


Hello GerSig
I have recently joined the group. I am a writer and BBC journalist and live
in London.

My mother is an OPPENHEIMER and I'm contemplating a book project that would
describe the life stories of different OPPENHEIMs and OPPENHEIMERs over the past
200 years. The idea would be to illustrate two centuries of Jewish history
through the experiences of various Oppenheims/ers.

I have a simple question. Is there anybody out there with detailed knowledge
of any Oppenheims/ers in their family? Obviously the 20th century will be much
easier to cover, so I'm particularly interested in discovering and researching
stories of Oppenheims/ers in the 19th century. I would be grateful for any help.

Many thanks David Edmonds London UK Laspalmasdave@...

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