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Subject: Tips for Visiting Vienna, Austria (Wien)

In JGDG Digest of May 31, 1999, Maria Krane asked for places where to go in
Vienna for any researches.

Beneath the places tourists use to visit in Vienna, there are different
Archives and Libraries in Vienna which might be of interest for GenSearchers.
Until now, work in Austrian Archives is normally free of expenses except for
self-costs for copies! Take enough Austrian Schilling-coins (1, 5, 10) with
you! has some tips for Genners, and parts of Vienna Maps where
Archives to be find. The Property Database of Dr. Steiner (Lorraine Bertelsen
mentioned it in JewishGen Digest of May 31, 1991) is a part of this Archive,
Oesterreichisches Staatsarchiv. Mainly they hold the Kriegsarchiv of the
former Austrian Empire, with some personal data of WW I. too. If you are
interested in military, you should visit the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, in
Vienna, Arsenal near Suedbahnhof.

You can find links to all other Austrian and to some international Archives
and Libraries at too.

The Town of Vienna in Rathaus, townhall, web-site,
click "culture" for Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv, holds the
Sterbeprotokolle, death certificates and testaments, for all persons resided
in Vienna at the date of their decease. You must know the No. of the district
(Bezirk) where they passed away. They store micro-films with birth-, marriage-
and death-data of the Jewish Community (IKG-Israelitische
Kultusgemeinde) also. Naturalization documents at Dept. MA 61 on written
request only.

IKG-Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien
Seitenstettengasse 4
A-1010 Vienna, Austria
phone: 53104 FAX: 5331577 pre-dial: 0043 (Austria) - 1 (or 01? Vienna).
They take about $ 10.- per enquiry. Jewish Cemetary is computerized, but not

Austrian National Library, Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Heldenplatz: You can find school almanachs of schools of the former Austrian
Empire. All newspapers of former times. And every book issued in Austria at
any time.

Index of museums, castles and exhibitions:

Police archive for membership in any organization or club:
Bundespolizeidirektion Wien, Archiv, Schottenring 7-9, A-1010 Wien. Phone
31310-7418, ask for Mrs. Hock, you need a period for registration.

Documentation Center: I've found there letters >from an uncle,
written in 1941 >from France and Portugal to New York! They have a surname
The Documentation Center issued the books:
Austrians in Exile: USA 1938-1945. A Documentation, 1995. Volume 1+2,
594+787pgs. Illustrated. ATS 350.- in linen each resp. ATS 290.- each in
Austrians in Exile: Great Britain 1938-1945. 652pgs. Documentation,
1992. Illustrated. ATS 290.- in paperback.
and many other books re resistance and persuance.
1 US-$ = about 12,6 ATS. Mailing fees in addition.

The Universitaetsarchiv holds all sub- and inscription forms back to 1365! In
former times the "Nationale", inscriptions to every semester, were filled-in
by the students themselves, stating name of the parents, residence in Vienna,
subjects, etc. You need a period for registration, call 5131161-0. 1. Bezirk,
Postgasse 7/Stg. 1.

Andreas Inhofner

METANOMSKA >from Brody, Galicia, now Ukraina - CZECHER >from Debica, Galicia,
now Poland. KULKA >from Vienna via France to White Plains, NY.

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