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Carol Rombro Rider

Menno--You have a point when you complain that some of us are not always
using the important words "please" and "thank you" when we correspond with
one another. It may also be that some of us are intimidated when we do not
know to whom we write when using the FTJP. But don't get discouraged; there
are more of us out in Jewishgen land who will gladly say "please", "thank
you" and even offer our time and experience to reach out and help others.

There is a gentleman in Baltimore that I have known for over ten years.
He is retired, and spends about 7 days a week doing genealogy--mostly for
other people.
As a mentor, he has taught me an invaluble lesson. When he does research for
other people, he learns things that he may otherwise never have learned just
doing research for himself. There are resources he uses that he may never
use again. There are places and names he comes across that he may never see
again. But inevitably, as life will do, it comes back in other ways to help
him in his research.

For those who ask only for themselves and will not ever help anyone
else, I can only say that they can never learn the game of genealogy like
others will. I suspect that many of them will be forever looking for the
great, big genealogy file with their families' names on it. (If you are not
familiar with this file, please see the Jewishgen Infofiles and look for Dan
Leeson's "Genealogical Fable". It will enable you to locate everything you
have ever wanted to know about your ancestors very quickly......)

Don't be discouraged. Keep enjoying Jewishgen for all the good and
friendly people you will meet online. And Menno, work hard on your family
tree. After all, one day you may find that you and I are related--and then
just think--you will already have done all the work for me on that side of
the tree--and I will give you a great, big THANK YOU!

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

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