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Nir Alon <niralon@...>

I would appreciate some wise words >from the experienced.

On the recently published JRI Plonsk record index, I have found over 200
listed with family names I am researching! Unfortunately, none of the
first names are familiar. I cannot make a direct connection, not even
with marginal confidence, between any of my ancestors I have recorded in
my database and between those listed in the JRI Plonsk record index. The
few ancestors I know of that were born or married within the time frame
of the JRI indexing do not show up in the list.

I am researching KOHN, LEVKOVITZ, BLACHMAN & MARGULIS >from Plonsk.

I understand that many of the 200 that are listed are probably relatives
I don't yet know of. I would appreciate your suggestions on how to

I understand the rates are 15$ an hour and 10$ for each photocopy.
Ordering the full 200 is out of the question financially. Even if I did
order the full list I may not be able to connect them to the ancestors I
do know of in my database. And what about the 15$ an hour rate? How many
records can I expect them to handle in an hour? What is the average
reply time?

Any additional tips and suggestions on ordering record copies for a
first timer will be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!

Nir Alon

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