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Jerome Silverbush <jsilverbus@...>

I was successful in finding my grandfather=92s date of death >from the Ne=
York Times back issues on microfilm. Most major libraries should have
the Times on microfilm (I used Duke library in Durham, NC), and it is
very easy to find an old obituary.

First you look up the name in the Personal Name Index, a set of books
that lists the names alphabetically and covers the years 1851 to the
present. I found an entry for my grandfather that gave a year and a
page number.

You then go to the index book for that year and on the indicated page,
find the desired entry (listed alpha). The entry gives a date, page and
column for the obituary. You then find the microfilm for the desired
date and find the obituary. The microfilms are very good quality.

I also found two other mentions of Silverbush, a bankruptcy and one
about a Silverbush in the Airforce.

Jerry Silverbush, Durham, NC USA

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