JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: At a loss #general

Jonathan Evans <evansjo@...>

Dear JewishGenners:
I am hoping someone is willing to help. On the JRI-PL website, I found
the name of my g-grandfather & g-grandmother & the date in which they
(Wulf Malcmacher & Rwkya Fridman -- 1877.)
I have searched and searched the microfilm numbers associated with this
(RADOMACK), but no luck. Primarily, the only film number to coordinate
with the same year was #120353. I am asking anyone searching the
RADOMACK films if they could keep a look out for these names -- again,
bless whomever indexed them... but I cannot find them anywhere.

I am truly in despair. If there is some way I can help you in return,
please let me know.
I was pleased to have had the opportunity to help Judith Bennet find her
second cousins in Cleveland.

Sincerely and with the utmost thanks to all who can help me,
Marilyn Malcmacher Evans


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