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Susana Leistner Bloch <bloch@...>

David Fielker wrote:

<< My great-uncle Max SCHNEEBAUM arrived in the US with his family both in
1911 and again in 1921. The 1911 manifest gives his birth place correctly
(well, near enough!) as Jaroslaw, Austria. However, in 1921 it is given
(typed) as Wola Rozurnicka. The Shtetl Seeker turns up nothing for this.
Does anyone know what it might be? David Fielker London, UK >>

Assuming that Jaroslaw is correct, Wola Rozwieniecka (49.58/22.34) seems
the most likely shtetl. It is only 6.2 miles WSW of Jaroslaw, Poland and
was then part of Galicia (Austro - Hungarian Empire). Many people when
asked where they came from, referred to the nearest "large town", in this
case Jaroslaw.


Susana Leistner Bloch
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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