US 1910 Census notation #germany

Tom Krakauer <tkrakauer@...>

I was looking at the 1910 Census for my cousin Adolph MAYER. In the
column for his place of birth and that of his parents what was
written was "Ger German."

What does the Ger connote? I know where he was born --Billigheim, Baden, Germany.

Thomas Krakauer, Durham, NC, USA e-mail tkrakauer@...

Researching: GOTTSCHALK >from N. Germany (Hannover); MOLLING >from anywhere
(Hannover); KRAKAUER-Posen, Breslau, Berlin, Landau am Pfalz; STERN -Soest,
ROTHSCHILD - Stadtoldendorf; MAYER and HEUMANN - Billigheim and Hoffenheim.

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