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Gillian Zebaida

I am trying to find information on Leo and Elsa BLUMENTHAL, (born Elsa
WERTHEIMER), who back in the 50's, had a business called Elysee Cosmetics
Manufacturing Company, at 2997 Clay Street, San Francisco. Both of them
must now be dead, but I have been unsuccessful in finding any obits or
information on the SSDI. They had a daughter called Gerda who married a
person by the surname of ROBBINS. I believe they had two children, Terry
and Julie. Leo had a daughter by a previous marriage called Lore
Blumenthal, who changed her name to STERN, married a man called Eric
ROSENBERG and they then changed their name to ROSS and lived in New Jersey
(all this information is relevant for the 1950's).I simply don't know where
to start looking for information on any of these families. Leo and Elsa
must have arrived in San Francisco, in the 1930's. Any suggestions would be
appreciated, please reply privately.

Gillian Zebaida.
(London, England).
Researching: ATKINS/KURLAND (Boston) BLUMENTHAL / ROBBINS (San Francisco),
DOLER/DOLLAR/Dolliar / DUB / ZASLAVER (Mogilev Podolskiy),
(Grosskrotzenberg) REUS (Reis/Reiss), SHOVERS (Racine, Wi) WERTHEIMER
(Berlin, Mannheim), ZEBAIDA (Iraq/Israel/USA)

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