SITE CITE: Jewish Servicemen Killed in Action 1914-1918 #germany

Justin Levy <levyduffy@...>

This website in German (and Russian) has a fully downloadable version of the book:
‘Die juedischen Gefallenen des Deutschen Heeres, der Deutschen Marine und der
Deutschen Schutztruppen. 1914-1918’,
which translates as ‘Jewish Servicemen of the German Army, German Navy
and German Colonial Forces who were killed in action 1914-1918’.

The book was compiled by the Imperial Confederation of Jewish Frontline Soldiers
(Reichsbund juedischer Frontsoldaten) some ten years after the end of the
First World War and records the names of about 12,000 men.

The first section is the alphabetical index giving name and town.
The second section is a listing by town giving the serviceman’s name,
dates of birth and death, as well as the unit in which he was serving at the time.

Justin Levy, Dublin, Ireland <levyduffy@...>

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