Bad Salzungen Jewish Community & Roeschen SCHMIDT nee EISEMANN #germany

Ralph Baer

I am writing to ask if anyone has researched the Bad Salzungen Jewish community.

I have written before enquiring about my EISEMANN family ancestors. New
information is causing me to ask a related question. My great-great-great-
grandmother Roeschen SCHMIDT nee EISEMANN was born about 1812 in an unknown place.
She married on 16 December 1839 to Seligmann SCHMIDT of Grosskrotzenburg near
Hanau, Hessen. She died on 19 March 1872 in Grosskrotzenburg.

Her parents were Gumpel EISEMANN and Vogele. There is no indication of Roeschen's
birthplace on any document which I have seen.

In response to an earlier query, I learned that there was a Gumpel EISEMANN living
in Barchfeld (Werra) in 1720. (Barchfeld was once in Hessen. It is now in
Thueringen.) While this Gumpel was born much too early to have been the father of
a woman born about 1812, he conceivably could have been the grandfather or great-
grandfather of the Gumpel whom I am looking for. A search of the 19th century
vital records of Barchfeld did not turn up EISEMANNs still living there in the
19th century. It is still quite possible that the Gumpel mentioned in 1720 was
my ancestor, and the family was somewhere else in the 19th century.

Recent research at the LBI resulted in my noting that there were EISEMANN families
living in Bad Salzungen in more recent times. Bad Salzungen is a larger place
than Barchfeld and less than five miles away. It seems to be a logical place for
people to have moved.

I add that there is an entry in the FTJP showing EISEMANNs in Bad Salzungen who
earlier lived in Bauerbach, Baden. If this is indeed where the Bad Salzungen
EISEMANNs came from, then it is less likely to be my family.

Ralph N. BAER Washington, DC ursusminor@...

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