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Sally Goodman <sbgoody@...>

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Happy New Year to all and a grateful "Welcome Home"
to our friend Michael Bernet. John Paul Lowens MOD 1====>

Thanks to JewishGen I found my grandfather buried in the largest Jewish
cemetery in Berlin and would like to visit his gravesite. In researching
things to see and do in Berlin, besides the cemetery, I see there is a lot.
Having never been to Berlin, I need some help and knowing how generous my
Ger-Sig JewishGenners are, I am turning to you.

I would greatly appreciate your response to how about finding a 2 bed-rm
apartment with 2 baths (2 couples) for rental >from about May 15-26 in a good
neighborhood for walking and convenient to public transportation?

Please respond privately only to:

Sally Goodman sbgoody@... Palm Springs/LA, CA

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