Re: Bad Salzungen Jewish Community & Roeschen SCHMIDT nee EISEMANN #germany

Ralph Baer

I made an error in my post yesterday. I stated:
"I add that there is an entry in the FTJP showing EISEMANNs in Bad Salzungen
who earlier lived in Bauerbach, Baden. If this is indeed where the Bad
Salzungen EISEMANNs came from, then it is less likely to be my family."

I have been informed that this Bauerbach is the one that is in Thueringen
(Thuringia). I did not know previously that this town existed.
It is between Meiningen in Thueringen and Mellrichstadt in Bayern. Thus,
it is still quite possible that it is the same family.

Ralph N. BAER Washington, DC ursusminor@...

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