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I am looking for any descendants of Simon (died 1957) and Betsy (Faiga
Baila, died 1949) ROSENBERG, who had a son Charles (Yechezkel, born ca1893,
died 1926), and a grandson Alvin D. (died 1925 aged four months). I think
Simon had another couple of children who also married and had children.

Thanks to the marvellous work of Ada Greenblatt in recording burials in
Vilkomir landsmannschaft plots in New York (thanks Ada), I have discovered
that these people are all buried in the Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. I am
not hopeful about being permitted to obtain death certificates for 1957 or
1949, but I will try for Charles in 1926.

Simon ROSENBERG was the younger brother of my husband's grandfather, and
this is the first time we've found any information about him; we are so
excited! It would be wonderful to find living descendants to exchange
information with. The original family name was PLASTOK. (Yes, the same
family being researched by Anita Fischer in Montreal (hi Anita!).

Any help would be very much appreciated. I have looked at the SSDI CD but
could not find anything of help, possbily because Simon was self-employed
and therefore did not register for social security. While I was in New York
during May I looked at naturalisation records at the municipal archives in
Chambers Street but could not find Simon. I know that Simon visited
Australia about 1920 so presumably would have had an American passport
(i.e. was a citizen).

Warmest regards to all,
Beverley Davis; Melbourne, Australia

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