Some ideas about Gailingen #germany


Adam Yamey, London, UK adamandlopa@... wrot:
Can anyone point me in the direction of literature that
deals with Gailingen's Jewish history, please? {I have
access to very good libraries!]

I brought your query to the attention of my cousin who comes >from Gailingen.
She passed along several suggestions:

One is to go to which she points out has a wealth of
information that she found there.

Secondly, she found your gg father listed in the two-volume cemetery book.
His grave is listed as number 292. This material appears in "Bamberger Family
Archives" researched and published by Naftali Bar Giora Bamberger in 1994 in
Jerusalem. She purchased her volumes while in Switzerland. It most likely is
a private publication. There is some material about the history of the
Gailingen community. The first 18 Jewish families came to Gailingen in 1657 from
Stuehlingen (umlaut over the u).

Fred Einstein Irenefred@... Metropolitan New York area

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