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For the record, I at one time asked for some help >from the Argentinian JGS.
Mr. Armony was so very kind & helpful. I actually have found the branch of
the family that I was looking for. We must be aware always of the effort it
takes for those that help us. I have helped others too & it is very time
consumming in this busy world we live in. My contribution was directly
related to the fact that other's have helped me, so I in turn help others.
It is a big circle, all of this research takes much time.
Much thanks to the JGS of Argentina & all of you who are kind enough to help
out with this great task of searching for roots,
Betsy Rich Gilon
KLEINMAN, Augustow/Suwalki, LUBELSKY,Suwalki/Argentina, GLICK,
proshnitz/NY,Cleveland, EVINCHECK/AVIN, Minsk,NY. RATZULSKY/RICH
, Kiev, NY.

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