Request for assistance with Hebrew Web Site #germany

Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...>

Dear Researchers,
I am in need of some assistance with a Hebrew web site for the Cemetry of
Petach Tikva in Israel.

The web site address is

I am trying to identify if Ephraim (Fritz) KAISER is buried here and if so
what information may be recorded about him. I believe that he migrated >from
Germany to Israel in the early 1930's and died in Petach Tikva and was
presumably buried there in the 1970's.

Could some one conduct a search on this site for me. In fact any
information on any KAISERs would be good.

Any assistance with this would be accepted with many thanks as I am not able
to visit the actual archives in Petach Tikva myself to do the research. Regards,

Geoff Kaiser Melbourne Australia <>

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