Re: Request for assistance with Hebrew Web Site #germany

Nachum Tuchman

Dear List,
I checked the Segula Cemetery data base, and sent a private e-mail to
Geoff with the information he requested. However, immediately after
doing so, I remembered that the Segula Cemetery is one of the
cemeteries that was added to the JewishGen JOBWR data base .

The direct URL is:

A search on KAISER (sounds like) limiting to Israel only returns 50
hits. Most are D-M similar names. However, all 3 KAISERs that are on
the Segula data base appear on the JOBWR.

I must point out, however, that some of the information such as
section and row # are listed only in Hebrew. Anyone who doesn't read
Hebrew will still have a problem getting the exact location.

Nachum Tuchman Tekoa, Israel

Geoff Kaiser <geoff_kaiser@...> wrote:
I am in need of some assistance with a Hebrew web site for the Cemetry of
Petach Tikva in Israel. The web site address is
I am trying to identify if Ephraim (Fritz) KAISER is buried here and if so
what information may be recorded about him......

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