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Micha Reisel

At 08:00 11-01-06, Geoff Kaiser wrote:
I am trying to identify if Ephraim (Fritz) KAISER is buried here and if so
what information may be recorded about him. I believe that he migrated from
Germany to Israel in the early 1930's and died in Petach Tikva and was
presumably buried there in the 1970's.
Hi Geoff
I was not aware of the site
but two years ago JFRA, the Jewish Family Research Association of Israel
had a project where we took the 53,000 names >from Segula-Petah Tikva
and transliterated them to be searchable under the JOWBR project
of JewishGen. (Last year we did the same with the 35,000 names of Netanya)

So: go to JewishGen, find JOWBR by going to the menu
databases, general, JOWBR

or scrolling down on the first page to
Projects and activities
<>JewishGen Online
Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)

you end up on
where you enter kaiser as the surname, regardless of spelling(!)
and Israel as the region

Up pops a list of 55 names which sound alike
and there at
you will find Efraim Keizer (don't even think about the way it is written,
the transliteration followed some rules, which were set when we started)
who had a father Zeev (Wolf) and who died on the 4th of March 1986

In the grave next to his is Marash? (Marsha? mem-resh-heh can be a
lot of things)
who died 11 May 1983, her father was Avraham
It can be the wife without a maiden name, the system isn't foolproof...

There is another Keizer this time Ilana, father Nisan, died 23 Sep 1988
and a Chaim Kaiser father also Chaim, died 30 Jan 1969

I tried to look up Kaizer in Hebrew in the site
but couldn't find it.... (The cemetery had given us the surname as
kuf-yud-yud-zayin-resh) take care

Micha Reisel, Hod Hasharon, Israel <micha@...>

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