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<beachwatergirl@...> wrote:
"I'm looking for information regarding the Allemandes
and the ancient Alemanni tribe. Some of my father's
mother's fathers seem to have descended >from them and
they may be >from the Levi tribe." ============> MBernet@... replies:

My dictionary describes the Alemanni as "a confederation of Germanic tribes, first
recorded in the 3rd century A.D., that settled in the area between the Rhine, Main
and Danube rivers, and made harassing attacks against the Roman Empire."

That was about the time when Jews, entered this area with the Roman occupiers
as merchants, camp followers, etc.

The Alemanni were a European group, not Jews, Hebrews, Judeans, or Middle-Eastern.
It is quite likely that some Jews who accompanied the Romans took local wives;
some of these wives may have been Alemanni, and others Goths, Franconians etc.

Levites are Jews descended >from Jacob's son Levi. Descent is exclusively in
the direct male line. There is no way your female ancestors could have been
Levites, even if they were of 100% Jewish descent.

I would be interested to know the basis or evidence for your supposed
Alemanni descent. Family memories? Birth certificates? Tombstones? DNA?

In any event, there can be no Levite connections to Alemanni tribes, any
more than to Incas or Esquimeaux.

Michael Bernet, New York MBernet@... [Private replies only]

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