INTRO-researching LEMMEL from Hesse Darmstadt-MAYER from Frankfurt au Main #germany


Hello Gersig
I joined the group a while ago and have been doing genealogy research for
about 2 years. I consider myself an almost intermediate in doing German Jewish
Genealogy research. I live in suburban Chicago, Illinois in the United States.
My native language is English and do not know any other. I consider myself
a beginner in using a computer. My experience in using the Internet is

I am looking for information about my great-grandparents Aaron and
Rosa (Rosinna) LEMMEL and their parents. Aaron ad Rosa were born prox.1823-23
in Pausheim Hesse Darmstadt both died in Chicago, Illinois in the U S in 1869 and
I'm looking for information about my other great-grandparents who less about who
were living in Frankfurt au Main in 1878 when my grandfather Joseph Mayer
emigrated to Chicago.

Richard A Mayer Highland Park, Illinois USA

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