BLUMENTHAL, and other graves in Kall Cemetery #germany


Thank you to those gersigers who helped me with the DANIELS side of my
family. I received a reply >from someone who is related to my GG
grandmother on the maternal side which was very exciting. Now I need
help with the BLUMENTHAL side of the family. My GG grandfather Hermann
ROTHSCHILD 1847-1906 married Rebecca (Rifka) BLUMENTHAL 1854-1932. It is
alleged that she came >from Hellenthal. Her father was Hermann BLUMENTHAL
and her siblings were Carolina, Fanny, Emma and Vera. Emma we think
married a George GUTHMANN (GUTTMAN) and they were in Detroit in 1967.
Through a letter I know that there were two daughters of ? called Judith
and Susan BLUMENTHAL who immigrated to the USA and were living there in
Chicago during 1967. I do not know the names of their parents but have
the name of a person who travelled with them to the states, an Erna
BLUMENTHAL.My family who were of that era are reluctant to discuss these
names (or anything else about the past) and it is up to me to try to
discover who and where they are. I have looked up their names but there
are two BLUMENTHAL'S Judith and Susan who could be them???? Can anyone
in the States find out any other information or if anyone is related to
the above names.
I have a photo of both Rebecca Rifka and her husband Hermann ROTHSCHILD
and the place where they are buried, in the old Jewish cemetery of Kall,
which is in the Eiffel region near Stadtkyll.

I also have the names of several persons who are buried there and took
photos. If anyone recognises a name please contact me for a copy of the
stone. The names are the following:

1) Friederike ROTHSCHILD geb. Vohs 7 April 1847-20 April 1929
2)Regina LEFFMANN geb Horn 28 June 1849-23 Sept 1930
3)Louis LEFFEMAN 10 Sept 1856 - 9 Sept 1930 Husband of Regina
4)Sybilla KATZ geb Horn 14 April 1847 - 5 Jan 1921
5) Klementine KATZ 14 Nov 1862 - 18 August 1937
6)Rosa WOLFF geb HERZ 2 Feb 1849 - 29 March 1931
7)Salomon RUHR died 14 Jan 1911 and Pauline RUHR geb HERZ died 31 May 1932
8)Hermann VOHS 3 Nov 1868 - 13 July 1927
9)Leopold LEVY 1 June 1894 - 7 April 1950
10)Samauel NATHAN Jan 1854 - 27 Feb 1937
11)Jeannette NATHAN geb HESS 12 feb 1865 - 3 Jan 1930

Hoping these may be of assistance for someone.

Judy Levron Melbourne Australia

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