Re: Seeking Information in Koln #germany

GSt <beagun27@...>

Try the following. They are quite helpful; especially grateful if you give
them some information back.

NS-Dokumentationszentrum (EL-DE-Haus)
National-Socialist Documentation Center and
Museum of Koeln NS-Dokumentationszentrum (EL-DE-Haus).

Appellhofplatz 23-25
50667 Koeln E-mail:

Gunther Steinberg, Portola Valley, California <>

I am searching my family, and looking for information about the following:
Yeshayahu HOLLANDER. Died: in Koln, Germany.
His daughter, Frieda (HOLLANDER) REICHENSTEIN. Died: in Koln, Germany.
Her husband, Leo Leib REICHENSTEIN. Died: 20/12/1939 in Koln, Germany.
It's the first time for me researching in Germany, so I would ask you how to
go about finding this information? Is there an address in Koln where I can write
to and ask for information? >Shmuel Kehati Tel-Aviv,

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