Re: Which LEVISEUR and EHRLICH ? #germany

Amanda Jermyn <astrogirl200@...>

To reply to Adam Yamey's question below,

The LEVISEUR in question was probably Moritz
LEVISEUR(1842-1923) and the EHRLICH would have been
Wolf EHRLICH(died 1924). Their spouses, sisters Sophie
relatives of mine. Moritz LEVISEUR was a businessman,
a founder of the Volks Hospital in Bloemfontein,
founder of the Bloemfontein Chamber of Commerce, and
active in the synagogue. Two of his sons, Herbert(b. 1891 and
Ernest Alfred (b. 1888), were doctors, but would have been too young
in 1907 to have any influence. Sophie LEVISEUR was an influential person
in her own right.

Wolf EHRLICH was a business man, senator for the
Orange Free State, three times mayor of Bloemfontein,
a founder of the Bloemfontein Chamber of Commerce, a
founder and president of the SA Jewish Board of
Deputies, president of the Jewish Congregation,
Portuguese Consul etc. None of his children were
doctors or dentists, as far as I know.

So in 1907 Moritz LEVISEUR and Wolf EHRLICH would have
been considered influential men in Bloemfontein, and a
good bet for assisting someone obtain permission to
practice dentistry. I should mention that my
grandmother, Frieda (nee PRAGER) KATZ, qualified as a
dentist in Germany in 1918. She was the first woman
admitted to the medical school at Heidelberg
University. However, upon arrival in the Orange Free
State in 1919 she was not allowed to practice as a
dentist because South Africa did not have a reciprocal
relationship with Germany in these matters. Germany
did not recognize South African qualifications, so
South Africa would not recognize German ones.
For more information please contact me privately.

Amanda Katz Jermyn Massachusetts, USA <>

Thu, 26 Jan 2006 Adam Yamey <> wrote:
A distant relative of mine, Gustav GINSBERG
(1872-1922), who had qualified as a dentist in Germany
was attempting in 1907 to have his German
qualifications recognised by the British authorities
in the Orange River Colony (ORC). His brother Franz
GINSBERG, MLA wrote a letter on his behalf in which he refers to,
"... a number of prominent men of the ORC can testify.
For instance Mr Ehrlich Mr Leviseur etc...".
To whom was Franz Ginsberg referring - ie which Mr EHRLICH and LEVISEUR ?
Are they the persons mentioned on the SA SIG website:
or possibly some other people with those names?
Were there any dentists around in the ORC at this time with these names?

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