INTRO - requiring about 20th century records in Essen #germany

Yaron Rotman <yarotman@...>

Hello group,
I'm a novice to German-Jewish genealogy. Most of my family comes >from Poland
and I've been an avid reader of JewishGen for more than a decade. However, I
reached a dead end in some branches and have to turn to your help. I
appologize if my questions have been addressed before - I scanned the FAQ
and SIG archives.
My gf, Chaim GRUNER was born in Essen in 1914. He was a genuine "Oest Jude"
as both his parents - Yehuda Leib SPERBER & Miriam GRUNER were born in
Poland. His mother died c. 1922 in her hometown in Poland. His father
remarried and than died in 1937 and is buried in Essen. I know also of a
maternal uncle who lived in Saarbrucken and died in 1918.

Should I expect to find records of my gf's birth, my ggf's marriage or death
in Essen ? Would these records typically state the names of their parents
and the town of origin in Poland ? Where should I look for the records ? Was
there a record of immigration in pre-WWI Germany ?
I am hoping that by locating such records I may be able to return to the
Poland vital record data and continue my research. Thank you in advance,

Yaron Rotman, Hod-Hasharon Israel,

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