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Yosaif Dubovick <ymd000@...>

Hello All,
My name is Yosaif M. Dubovick, and have recently joined gersig.
I am mainly involved in Rabbinic reasearch, and have been published
several times in various journals (Yeshurun vol. 11, 14, 16).

I wanted to comment in regard to the new book on Worms and Juspa
Shammash, in reference to the book "R. Juspa, Shammash of Warmaisa" by
Dr. S. Eidelberg, Magnes Press, 1991' and the well written
introduction to his book of customs (Machon Yerushalayim, 1992) by Dr.
E. Zimmer and Rabbi B. Hamburger.
Mainly, in what way has this new presentation changed?

In regards to the "djvu" files, The Jewish National and University
Library has been using this file format for all their digitized files,
and it seems to be very useful as it allows for high quality graphic
files in less space than a standard .pdf file.
You might try the developer's website, "Lizzardtech" respectfully

Yosaif M. Dubovick (ymd000@gmail) Betar, Israel

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