INTRO - researching RAAS family from Strasbourg or Niedernai, Alsace #germany

Tim Baker <tbaker@...>

I just joined the group. I have been doing genealogy research for about 10 years,
but consider myself to be a novice in doing German Jewish Genealogy research.

I live in Bellingham, Washington State, USA, where I am the
historian/archivist for the synagogue, and I have been researching
the Jewish community and families of Bellingham, some of whom
moved here >from other places, such as San Francisco. My native language
is English.I consider myself intermediate in using a computer and the Internet.

My primary research goal now is the RAAS family >from Alsace.

Emanuel RAAS, born 1838 in Alsace, came to San Francisco, CA
in the mid-1800's and in 1869 married Ernestine BLUM (born 1849, also
in Alsace, I think). Their children were Alfred "Ralph (1873-1945),
Palmyre (c. 1875-1961), Charles (born 1880) and Alice (b. 1881).
Except for Charles, I don't know the descendants.

I don't know Emanuel or Ernestine's parents or siblings, except that
I think Ernestine's mother was Sara, and Ernestine may have had a
sister Florence / Florine BLUM who married Arthur KLINE around 1888.

Emanuel's great grandson was told that Emanuel was born in Strasbourg,
but I have no evidence to prove that.

I am trying to understand the relationship, if any, between the RAAS families
of San Francisco and New Orleans, both of whom were >from Alsace.

There was a large RAAS family >from Niedernai, with I think eight siblings,
including an Isaac RAAS (1825-1902) who went to New Orleans. Isaac
RAAS married Sara KAUFFMANN (b. 1822 in Alsace). Isaac also had a brother
Emanuel, but this Emanuel was born 1828 according to birth documents in France,
and the New Orleans family didn't know if Emanuel came over to the States.

The San Francisco Emanuel was born 1838, if we are to believe the census records,
rather than 1828.

In Emanuel and Ernestine RAAS' household in the 1880 census in
San Francisco, they had a nephew Joseph RAAS living with them.

Joseph RAAS said he was born in Richmond, Texas, although his
grandson later said he was born in Strasbourg, France. In the 1880s
Joseph RAAS went >from San Francisco to San Angelo, Texas, where he co-owned
a dry goods store, Schwartz and Raas. In 1889 he married Ida Louise
(BUSER) LYONS in San Francisco, CA, and they lived in San Angelo, TX
until the mid-1890's, when they returned to San Francisco.

Items in the Dallas Morning Herald and other sources suggest that
Joseph RASS siblings included Arthur C. (b. 1863), Andre (b. 1870),
Blanche (b. 1874), and a Mrs. Charles RUEFF (the latter living in Paris).

Joseph and Ida RAAS' children were Marguerite (1890-1963; married Uda
WALDROP) and Joelle (1892-1979; married Frank Allen). Joseph's obit
from 1928 says he left money to his sister, Julia MANIERE of Paris.
I would like to learn the parents and siblings of the Emanuel RAAS of
San Francisco, and his connection to Joseph RAAS.

As a side note, curious to know if Mrs. Charles RUEFF's husband was
related to Abe RUEF, the infamous San Francisco kingpin (who was, I
believe, >from Alsace).

Tim Baker Bellingham WA USA

MODERATOR NOTE: Welcome to GerSIG and thanks for this informative "INTRO".
You might get help >from readers of the FrenchSIG or Early American SIG lists.
The French SIG website should provide good background for your Strasbourg and
Alsace research. Good luck!

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