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Batya Olsen <batya@...>

Hello Shel,

You can use a genealogy program as sort of a huge filing cabinet. If there
is a logical way to include someone, eg: the parents of your first cousin's
husband, there is no reason not to include them (barring an extreme shortage
of disk space.) When you are printing out trees of your own ancestors and
their direct descendants your cousin's machetunim probably won't show up but
the data won't be lost and who knows but that this may come in handy at a
later date.

I've even included people who share my MATZKIN name where I do not yet have
a known connection - but the data is there for whenever I do discover the


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Shel Bercovich wrote:

I can find all sorts of people who are brothers-in-law, and children of
brothers-in-law, of the spouses and parents of aunts and uncles and
cousins, etc. (Hope you catch my drift, here!) :-)
How far does one go in including these people in ones' family tree? Or
does one stick with "relatives" only, that is, those people which a
genealogy program includes in a "Relations Chart", and forget about the
relatives of relatives?

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