Re: Arolsen archives #germany


I don't want to beat this subject to death, but the German comments
contained in the Spiegel article are misleading. At the international
meeting which took place earlier this week, Germany stood alone in
continuing to block any action to open Arolsen. The German representative
cited German archival law, which in fact is irrelevant since Arolsen
material is not subject to German law. European countries and the United
States strongly objected to the German position. Although ten of the 11
countries at the meeting favored opening, nothing happened since the
tradition in Arolsen is unanimity (the agreement itself does not provide for
this). In closing I would only assert that to deny names to the millions
who perished in the Holocaust is to deny their existence. It is, de facto,
a second Holocaust.

Anyone wishing further information on Arolsen and/or the text of the
agreement being blocked by Germany may contact me privately.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C. <>

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