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Lars Menk <Lmenk@...>

Bessie Ann BELL wrote on GERSIG:
My primary research goals now are to find out more about the history of
Hannover and the GOLDVOGELs' history there and where they might have lived
before that.
The literal meaning of the German-Jewish surname GOLDVOGEL is "golden bird";
"Goldvogel" also figuratively designates either a rich person or a gold coin
(which can fly out of someone's hands like a bird).

Five men named GOLDVOGEL or GOLDFOGEL, all born in Bavaria (as stated in the
U.S. census records), emigrated to the USA in the 1840's and 1850's.

Three of them - possibly brothers - settled with their families in New York
City (Manhattan):
- Nathan GOLDVOGEL, b. ca. 1804 (1840 in NYC)
- Israel GOLDVOGEL, b. ca. 1808 (1848 in NYC)
- Meyer GOLDVOGEL, b. abt. 1810 (1848 in NYC)

while the other two went to Cincinnati, OH:
- Samuel GOLDVOGEL, b. ca. 1816 (1848 >from Bremen to NYC, 1854 in
- Moses GOLDFOGEL, b. ca. 1810 (1860 in Cincinnati)

It seems that most of them had lived outside of Bavaria for a while before
emigrating, e.g. Israel GOLDVOGEL in the kingdom of Hannover (1842/44) and
Meyer GOLDVOGEL in the duchy of Braunschweig (Brunswick). [The information
given in the census record >from 1860 about Israel GOLDVOGEL being born in
Hannover is most likely incorrect, and in 1870 he confirmed that he was born
in Bavaria, while his wife Sarah was born in Hannover.]

One Samuel GOLDFOGEL >from Weisbach was wanted by the Prussian police some
time between 1820 and 1833 (cf.

The village of Weisbach, today a part of the municipality of Oberelsbach in
the Bavarian Kreis (district) of Rhön-Grabfeld, had a small Jewish
population of 22 persons in 1813 and belonged to the synagogue community of
Oberelsbach. It is well possible that all the above named persons were born
in Weisbach or a place nearby. [You can see a pittoresque photo of Weisbach
at,0,0,1,0,0 ]

Mr. Reinhold Albert is the person officially in charge of the research of
regional history in the Rhön-Grabfeld district:

Reinhold Albert
Schloßstraße 42
97528 Sulzdorf a.d.L. - OT Sternberg / Germany
fax +49-9763 9300005

To my shame I have to admit that the surname GOLDVOGEL can not be found in
my dictionary of German-Jewish surnames.

Kind regards & Shalom,

Lars Menk Berlin, Germany

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