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Does anyone know how to remove graffiti >from old headstones? I'll be going
to the Illingen cemetery in a couple of months and I just read there's been
some vandalism and Nazi graffiti committed there recently. I'd like to try
to clean what I can.
== German authorities are very concerned with preserving Jewish relics and
protecting them >from vandals. I'd assume the damage has already been
corrected--or will be by the time you get there.

==I'd write to the First Burgermeister of Illingen, tell him you're coming,
express your sympathy over the vandalism and your appreciation to the town
for caring for the relics of your ancestors and their fellow-Jews. Ask if any
work still needs to be done to efface the vandalism, are there any cleaning
products you could bring with you >from the USA and tell him you'll be happy to
help out in any cleanup, repair or restoration.

==Before you leave home, prepare a CD with the trees of ancestors buried
there, and information about your family in Illingen and their destinies and

==You'll probably get an invitation to visit him. Drop in on him, anyway,
to give him the disks. He'll probably go out of his way to get additional
information, photos, copies etc. for you.

Michael Bernet, New York

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