Changing your GerSIG and JewishGen E-mail address #germany


JewishGen has asked us to remind all users how to
register changes of E-mail address or other address changes
with JewishGen (and GerSIG, JGFF, FTJP, etc, etc.).

We're sorry, but there is no secretarial staff at JewishGen
to make e-mail address changes for subscribers. Our systems
now enable you to change your address in one place. When
you do that, your information is changed throughout JewishGen.

To notify GerSIG or any other JewishGen service that your
E-mail address has changed please vist the JewishGen
Support Center at:

(These pages are currently available in English, French and Hebrew.)

Select item 1.7. ( #7 in Registrations. )

John Paul Lowens, NYC, GerSIG Coordinator and Moderator "MOD1"

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