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ajvlh <ajvlh@...>

It appears that the HILB family came >from the Badden Wuertemberg or
Haigerloch areas. I am looking for clarification of that and need guidance
on best way to do this.

I have a hand written tree that someone before me created that gives alot of
names and dates, but not specific towns or locations. I have done alot of
research in the USA and have found several death certificates that just list
Prussia or Germany. I have also found all of the postings on the JewishGen
website and attempted contact with the members that have posted the
information. I have also attempted contact with living Jewish family
members, but there appears to be some reluctance due to the fact I am not
Jewish. Some feel we are not related. I have presented the information I
have on what I do know on the Jewish relatives, but there still appears to
be hesitation. Suggestions on how to gain these people confidence would
also be appreciated. I do not want to offend anyway or make a major mistake.

I was not raised in the Jewish faith, but raised Catholic. I know the
family was Jewish until my ggrandfather met and married an Irish catholic
girl in Chicago Illinois. My gggrandparents are buried in the Jewish
Cemetery in Chicago, but I do not know much else.

References and resources and contacts would be helpful, because as I am
researching I am also trying to study alot of the Jewish customs to
understand what I am finding as well. I will take all suggestions and
recommendations seriously as I feel very out of my knowledge base right now.
I am determined to figure it out.

I thank JewishGen and all it's members for providing the forum to get
assistance. Sincerely,

Vicki Hilb Glendale Arizona <>

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