Seeking ROTHFELS in Ronshausen #germany

Volker Biehl <rehaugen@...>

Dear readers,
I am searching ancestors and descendents of Leopold ROTHFELS, Born in
36217 Ronshausen, Hessen, Germany, died in WW I, 6 Okt 1916. I suppose,
the family moved to Bebra, between 1887 and 1898.
Theodor ROTHFELS, b: March 4, 1901, Bebra; Roni ROTHFELS, b: May 3,
1898, Bebra; and Berta ROTHFELS, b: Jan 16, 1887 Ronshausen; All three
were murdered in the holocaust.
It seems to me, that they were related, but at the moment I have no
connection between this names.
The ROTHFELS family would be the second Jewish family in 36217
Ronshausen. Up to now I haven`t found any trace of this family. Thank you for
your answers.

Volker Biehl in Germany <rehaugen@...>

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