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Am trying to to put a message on e-mail the way i find many messages on
my e-mail. I am searching for a Friedman family - supposedly >from Kassa
and Abauj Torna. >from a tombstone the family I start with is Moses
Friedman - a Kohanan father of Jacob Friedman who born in Hungary about
1847 and died in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1924. Jacob had three brothers
Adolph, Louis and Marcus Friedman who lived in New York in 1925. Jacob
also had four sisters one was Mary who married a Guttman and had many
children, last hild with his Friedman wife wasCornelia Guttman who married
a Zeughauser and then a Danzinger oin the Bronx. Her son was Milton

I believe that Marcus had a son named Isadore who married a Rose and lived
in Brooklyn in 1925. (I have a Mary & Terressa.

Four children were born to Jacob and Lena Falkenstein - David about 1873,
Hannah about 1875, Abraham about 1885 and Ella about Hungary.
Cannot find any documentation of where. Jacob, Lena, David, Hannah,
Abraham and Ells migrated to Cincinnati in 1888 the same time as Lena
Friedmans brother Ignatz Friedman, married to Fannie Deutsch who was a
farmer and lived in Szinne.Ignatz and Fanny also came to Cincinnati a month
later than Jacob. a Fanny Deutsch.

I am stuck. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Leah Levine

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