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Dear Jewishgenners,

I have had the most fantastic time reserching my family in Dublin, Ireland.
I cannot tell you that I discovered anything I didn't already know,
except for one exciting discovery of a brother of my Grandfathers that I
never knew existed. There is no record of his death and yet no-one in my
remaining Dublin LAPEDUS family ever heard of him. I went to the National
Archives and spent hours there finding Wills, and Census Lists for 1901 and
1922 of the LAPEDUS family and was astounded to learn that friend of mine's
ancestors were related to our family. Interestingly enough, they ended up
in South Africa and I will be contacting them. I also went to Joyce House,
Lombard Street East, and found death, birth and marriage notices. The
THRILL was just looking at the information and filling in so many details
on my family Tree. People often just concentrate on Names, but it is so
nice to have dates and little stories on everyone. I found out where my
ancestors lived, went and photographed each house and it was wonderful.
The assistants in the archives were wonderfully helpful. nothing was too
much trouble for them. Aside >from the archives, I spent hour after hour
going through Shul records and Cemetery records (thank you to the
President of the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society, Stuart ROSENBLATT).
The cemetery in Dublin (Dolphins Barn) is in good condition, the people
helping out in the office are most helpful, and even came out with me to
help me to look for a grave I could not find. Nothing was too much

I have an idea and I would like to share it with you. It is what I am
going to do after Yom Tov. I am going to print out every single Tree on my
family and have the whole thing leather-bound (with a way to remove the
pages when I need to update) and display it in our lounge. (hope I still
have friends left after that!! ) otherwise the Trees just sit in files,
and one doesn't want to be a *genealogy bore* and talk about your *latest

I am sure you all know what I am talking about.

Anne Lapedus Brest.
researching: LAPEDUS/LAPIDUS etc (Vieksniai, Lithuania) Belarus, Poland,
Pikeleh, Libau,
KARLIN Zagere, MARCUS Ackmean, Lithuania, SHILLMAN (Kurshan Village,

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